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17 May 2008

things have gone awry!

Shortly after posting earlier about what a great day I was having, a Migraine rapidly approached. To top it off, I had strange lower back pain and felt really bad, really fast.

Because of the muscle aches, I decided to go the Lortab + muscle relaxer route. It worked, but now I feel unpleasantly out of it and sad about the direction in which my day turned--before I got to my "should" list. I did go to the new Athens Farmers Market with my friend C., and I got that yard work done.

The last few times I've felt great, I've neglected to see that as a harbinger of a Migraine attack to come. As noted, I have the common prodrome side effect of "a sense of euphoria" before the headache begins. I wish I could just have euphoric feelings without the episode to follow.

I feel as if I'm making little sense; my fingers are typing more slowly than usual. Good ol' painkillers. You make me weak!

Thanks to Heather for the sweet thoughts--earlier this afternoon, she commented on how happy she was I was having a good day.


Linz said...

Have you ever looked into Myofascial Release as a treatment for migraine? I get a lot of myofascial tension in my back and neck that can - if I don't get it treated - cause chronic, transformed migraine. It's amazing the difference seeing a specialist massage trherapist makes.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I just found your blog. I thought I was the only one who got the "euphoria" prodrome. My doctors just looked at me strange when I mentioned it, and I've never read it as a typical experience of migraineurs. BTW love your blog!

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