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21 May 2008

lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy Jane

Usually I use my laptop in the living room, propping it on my lap (sometimes on top of a big pillow) or leaning down low over the coffee table to type. THIS IS NOT GOOD PRACTICE, my friends. My hands ache from not typing the correct way; my back sometimes hurts from sitting in ways that are bad for my posture. (Let's not even talk about my bad posture.)

So, after months of laziness, I made one of my desks a desk again. I write as I look out into my backyard area: I see trees, spring green grass, and even a train going by. It's really charming.

Now I must convince myself to retain this setup and not go back to bad habits.

But first I'd love for a mysterious benefactor to send me a really good desk chair. Ha!

1 comment:

Emily said...

go you! way to work on the old posture! me, i use my laptop in bed, with a wedge pillow. i think my posture is pretty good...i don't have any pain from it....so i think that's a good sign, right? ;)

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