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17 May 2008

an atypical Saturday

I woke up at 8:30 this morning after seven hours of sleep. Last night I did some bookstore business duties with Amy, and by midnight we both had sleepy eyes that were crossing as we looked at our computer screens. A sign of a successful day?

It was so nice to go to bed exhausted from something other than a Migraine attack. Granted, I had to take two Maxalts yesterday to battle an obnoxious headache with uncomfortable side effects of dizziness. The Maxalt wasn't a lifesaver as usual but did take the edge off. I'm straying from my point: I got to work until I was tired! I didn't go to bed because it was time or because I felt sick. In the last month or so, this has only been the case about 1/3 of the time, so it's cause for comment.

When I awoke, my friend A. was still here. We talked a few minutes before she had to hit the road. I then had the energy to sweep the pollen-covered walkway and porch, trim back some trees that constantly encroach on my walk, and do a little bit of light housework. This is not like me, I tell you. The fun only ended after I swept part of an ant pile and then, by accident, ran the broom over my toes (which were bare in flip flops). The displaced ants sprinkled my toes, a fact I was only aware of once my right foot got intensely itchy.

It's a beautiful day outside. Not a cloud in the sky, I tell you, and the temperature is just right. (With Georgia weather, this could change any second--I'm sure by the afternoon I'll think it's sweltering. But I love it.)

Hope everyone else has a day as good as this morning has been!

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Heather said...

Janet- I am SO thankful you have had a good day! Isn't it a blessing when we "migraine girls" get to be and feel normal!??! I haven't commented on your blog in a while...and not since I started a blog of my own...come visit sometime!
Have a great rest of the weekend and hope you continue to feel well!
Be blessed!

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