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16 February 2008

I have a doctor's appointment, not an assistant's appointment.

Today I wrote a letter to my neurologist. For posterity's sake, I thought I'd include it here. I'm hoping he responds the way I'd like him to.

February 16, 2008

Dear Dr. _________,

On March ____ I have an ___ appointment with you. Each time I go to your office, I request to meet with you and only you, even if it means waiting a longer time to be seen. My request is granted less than half the time. To my frustration, my request seems not to be taken seriously, as more often than not I find a nurse practitioner at the door to greet me. I realize that your staff is incredibly knowledgeable and often very helpful, but I am not paying to see them. I am paying to see you.

You may recall that I’ve been paying out of pocket for my medical expenses for a couple of years now; the drive from _______ plus the expensive visit is only worth it to me if I am to meet with just you.

For my upcoming visit, I request that this be the case. If it turns out I meet with a nurse practitioner or other doctor for most of the visit and just see you for the remaining few minutes, I will probably start looking for a neurologist closer to my home.

Thanks so much for your time and continued support.




Anonymous said...

Good for you, but still I think you should find a doctor closer to your home.

the migraine girl said...

I got a call from my neurologist a few days ago. Strike that: I got a call from someone at his office, not him. The assistant on the phone had a personal message from the doctor for me. He can't guarantee that he'll be with me for the entirety of my visit, but he wanted to let me know that he sees each and every patient he has an appointment with and always has the time to meet with me (and everyone) personally during my appointment time.

Not the answer I would have wanted, necessarily. I sort of feel like a scolded child who has asked for something she's not mature enough yet for, something she didn't realize was out of her reach until The More Knowledgeable Ones let her know that what she wanted was an impossibility.

Also: I think my mom left that first comment. Just a hunch.

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