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07 February 2008

goodbye Zonegran, hello Petadolex: part 2

Tonight marks the night I'll go down to one 100mg pill of Zonegran a night. Two weeks from now, I'll have a two-week period of having one every other day.

Since early last week or so, I've been taking Petadolex three times a day. The box says it's been used in Europe for over 30 years. Hmmm...

I've not had a Migraine episode in eight days!!! What a glorious streak. Last week I did have two back to back with no obvious triggers--I'm not sure if that was related to my withdrawal or not.

So far the withdrawal process hasn't been too rough. I was thinking I would have some rough side effects. Granted, I have four plus weeks until my body gets used to not having Zonegran screwing with my brain chemistry, so who knows what'll happen next.

Fingers crossed!

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