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22 January 2009

while we're on the subject...

I found this video on YouTube.com. The narrator, Michael Shermer, seems to approach the subject with a healthy skepticism--I like how he doesn't dismiss acupuncturists (and patients) as fools. He seems to take the most issue with practioners' claims that acupuncture can help alleviate certain conditions, conditions that have not been shown to improve at all due to acupuncture.

What he does allow is that there seems to be some relief for chronic pain patients--and this is why it seems appropriate to post the video here.


Mary Carol said...

Michael Shermer is very, very cool! I've not met him but heard him speak a few times. Smart guy with a smooth way about him.

Megan Oltman said...

Interesting! I've always been fairly skeptical myself. The one time I had acupuncture it was for chronic sinus infections - and the needles all hurt, a lot, which they are not supposed to! They made no difference to my sinuses. But it does seem to help some people with pain.

Parin Stormlaughter said...

Here's a shocker:


There is a school of acupuncture that uses the needles to cause pain. I have no idea how different the results may be when compared to the no-pain system. The chiro I see was quick to say that he does not practice the painful method.

I have found that when my nerves seem inflamed, the needles are uncomfortable even through the no-pain system. The treatment does seem to reduce the inflammation temporarily, for which I am eternally grateful.

And after a couple of minutes, I'm in LaLa Land anyway. A hurricane could come through and I'd laugh at it. XD

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