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22 January 2009

acupuncture post part II

Here's an article my dad asked me to read last month. (We often get in debates about so-called "alternative" medicine, acupuncture, etc.) It's from Skeptic Magazine.

Then take a look at this entry on HealthCentral.com.

These are but two examples of the acupuncture debate. With all these educated and well-intentioned folks on both sides of the issue (or somewhere in the middle, like me), it's hard to know what to believe. If acupuncture works for you, that's wonderful. I'm pleased to hear it. If it doesn't, I'd like to hear from you, too.

As for me, it's not an affordable option right now, especially since I've been finding success with other lifestyle changes.

Read on and let me know what you think!


Emily said...

It didn't work for me -- I had some results at first, but as we went on they just got less and less until the acupuncture wasn't having any effect at all.

Liz said...

Both of those were very interesting articles. I especially was intrigued by the one from Skeptic.

When I started accupuncture my parents were fed up with my migraines (I was a minor at the time so they got to make all my decisions) and my dad picked up the phone book and chose the first accupuncturist he saw. After getting an initial consult I had to be dragged to the car, I mean really, who wants needles stuck in them, and thought what was going to occur was a load of BS.

It actually did work, though. It didn't take my migraine pain fully away (as I have never experienced a pain free moment in the past 8 years, this is to be expected) but when I would have a bad migraine the first few needles (in my hands and legs) would immediately relax me.

I think one of the biggest things that helped me, though, was accupressure and hte relaxing environment my accupuncturist had at his home. He was the gentlest man I've ever met and I was completely comfortable with him. I would always leave his home office fully relaxed and ready to face another day of migraine.

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