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12 April 2008

The Spoon Theory

I have used very similar analogies in the past, but this author, Christine Miserandino, uses spoons as a metaphor for the limited amount of energy she has each day as a sufferer of lupus.

Reading this, I teared up at several points. It reminds me of something I once wrote regarding how I have to plan each step of my day and contemplate every little decision, always hyper-aware that an everyday occurrence could be the trigger for my next Migraine.


Check it out. I think anyone reading my blog will find it a good, sad, realistic read.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I've reposted this link in my journal so that my friends and family can read it and understand what I go through with my migraines and other issues.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm an Italian girl who was browsing the net looking for something encouraging about migraine... I've suffered of migraine since I was a little child and I understood just now, yes, now, how strong I've been to keep a quite normal life. You know, little people understands usand we may think: ok, I must do better, I must live like the other people. Now I see: we must accept our disease and take care of ourselves, not being afraid to seem fragile...
I mast thank you for your blog, it's a soul analgesic for a lot of people.

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