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19 April 2008

scalp/hair pain

I sometimes feel extra sensitive on my scalp when I'm having a Migraine; without a doubt, I am a girl who can't stand to have a regular ponytail in for more than a few minutes because of the aches that come as a result. During and right after a Migraine, I've been known to feel scalp pain.

But this is different. All day the crown of my head has ached as if I had a ponytail pulling on it--but I hadn't put my hair up at all when the pain started. The pain is all around the roots of my hair and is exacerbated by my pressing on my ultra-sensitive scalp. It's truly a strange sensation, especially since, as I've said, I didn't have a ponytail in, nor am I having a Migraine.

A cursory Google search gave me some leads when I looked up "scalp pain" and "hair pain," but I'm doubting I have the ailments (other than Migraine) mentioned as possible reasons for scalp pain.

This post is mainly for myself in the case this continues--it'd be nice to be able to tell my neurologist when it started and how it felt.

Does anyone here feel this same sensation sometimes?


rain gem said...

I have that from time to time. It comes and goes, doesn't really amount to anything besides that "extra" uncomfortableness. It should go away in a day or two, hopefully.

themigrainegirl said...

Thanks. That's reassuring! ;)

Megan Oltman said...

Yep, Janet, I get this one too. I just got my hair cut short, after 3 years of extra long, becasue of it. for me the scalp pain is often part of post-drome but sometimes comes on its own. It's better now with less weight on my head (and nothing to be tempted to put a ponytail in).
- Megan

Migraine Chick said...

This happens to me, too. It hurts to even touch my hair. I've given up wearing pony tails, etc, a long time ago.

rain gem said...

I came across an article related to the subject I think you Ladies should read:


I also made a little post about it here:


themigrainegirl said...

Rain: Thanks for the links! Unfortunately the first one doesn't work for me. I gathered some info from your site, though, and was alarmed at first. Perhaps I still am.

A few months ago, I finally did a search on the strange pain and sensitivity I felt from normal stimuli. My ribs often hurt and feel bruised at the bottoms; if I stroked my legs and sides lightly (but with some pressure) it felt as if they were covered in invisible bruises. But doing a search on this came up with nothing. I finally decided it might be a side effect of dehydration. That was my best guess.

In any case, the pain I had doesn't sound like the thorough descriptions of allodynia, but now I'm thinking I should mention it to my doctor next time.

Thanks, thanks, thanks for the info!

rain gem said...

Oh, my pleasure. I read (and write :P) so many articles on anything even remotely migraine-related, it's not even funny...

Still, have your doctor check you out for Allodynia. Also Fibromyalgia; this one is actually easy to check:


But don't let it bother you too much. Most likely it's just our heightened sensitivity. We hear more, we smell more, we see more and, apparently, we are all "blonds" when it comes to tactile senses :P . As I mentioned before, I have the same thing as you described from time to time and it doesn't develop into anything serious.

Tracy said...

To answer your question, "Does anyone here feel this same sensation sometimes?" YEP

It usually begins as one of the precursors to the onset of a migraine, but can linger for days after. I've had it for over 40 years now...thank god people are now talking about it.

It began as a small area of my scalp and stayed limited to that area up until this pass year. Now it is nearly 40% of my scalp and includes my eyebrows. Sometimes my eyelashes too.

As you might know by now, drugs don't seem to help. To cope I actually do tie my hair up finding an appropriate tension just to keep my hair from moving. Sometimes a hat helps. Of course I look ridiculous but I don't much care at that point. A bag of frozen peas is something to try. I was leery at first thinking the weight of the peas would only make things worse but I find that applying pressure with said bag of peas "works" sometimes for some relief, almost as if pushing hard against the pain is a better reliever than a light touch. I know it doesn't make much sense but do migraines make sense anyway????

Here's another link for you about migraines and hair pain.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, you described the symtoms precisely, and made me feel better that I am not having some unusual pain. Yes, I have migraine from last couple of years. Although i never had attack of migraine, I feel the pain disturbing from my work. And recently I have started with this random pain in the skalp. Normally I have found taking steam relaxes me.. I think it does help in migraine, and doing Pranayam also helps. I dont take the continuous medicines for the pain but try to take care as not going into cold weather unless it can be avoided / covering myself etc.

k-joi studios said...

Hi! I have intractible migraine syndrome and have experienced sensitive scalp (like a pnytail pulling feeling) for years. It is very painful at times and I've not been able to figure it out. I'm glad to find others that experince the same thing and that I'm not crazy.

JenJen said...

This is a new sensation for me, but you described it perfectly. I have searing pain at the crown of my head and every hair hurts. Some of you attributed this to a change in hairstyle or ponytails, but this is happening to me when my hair is down. This has never happened before and frankly, it worries me. I don't believe it's a migrane since I don't have auras or get a full-blown headache. Only the hair/scalp hurt. Any ideas?

themigrainegirl said...

Check out the links the other readers (and bloggers!) left in the comments section. Many could be relevant! In my case, the doctor has diagnosed me with allodynia. The scalp pain is almost always there to some degree, but the surface area that's painful is smaller than in months past and doesn't seem to be acting up as much now that I've made some lifestyle changes. Fingers crossed!

Jessica said...

I have had that too. Not pain so much, but just a strange sensation. At times I've had a numb spot or tingling somewhere on my scalp. Other times I've had a weird tightness/pain that actually feels better when I pull my hair in that spot, strangely enough.

I've also had similar sensations on my face/nose, which is much weirder feeling. I have been assured these are all odd symptoms of migraines, just not as common.

MM said...

Hi all. I've had the same problem -- my scalp hurts and it seems it gets better when my hair is shorter. I've always had sensitive scalp and I'm kind of used to it. I don't suffer any other diseases associated with hair pain. Sometiimes I find myself pulling at my hair and I realize how sensitive it is. I like massaging it, too.

Do you think all this could have a psychological basis?

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

I have this two at first I thought it was just
me with this wierd scalp hurting thing the only wierd thing is that I don't have hair loss. I have very thin hair. I found out that if u massage the place where it is hurting lightly it takes the pain away for about 5-15 mins

themigrainegirl said...

MM, if your condition is like mine (which it sounds like it is), I don't think it's psychological. I believe there's a physiological reason for it. Mine is attributable to allodynia (as diagnosed by my doctor) and is worse during and after a migraine attack. I hope you've found some relief. Self-massage definitely helps me.

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