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24 April 2008

a pain in the neck

My neck has been killing me for the last two days--for the several days before that, it was just really stiff and moderately sore. OOWWWWW! My jaw's been driving me crazy again, too, and my back feels strained. Wah, wah, wah.

I'm wondering if the massage I had two weeks ago screwed it up somehow, though usually massage helps. Has anyone had the experience of having a massage hurt more than it helps? I can't get comfortable at night because, no matter where I put my head on the pillow, my neck aches and throbs.

Boo hoo.

1 comment:

Diana Lee said...

I've had a couple of bad experiences with overzealous massage therapists who hurt me more than they helped me. That's the worst! :(

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