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04 April 2006

my head hurts if I don't sit still/it's an itch that I'll never stop scratching

Once in awhile, I hope to post excerpts from books, songs, poems, movies, etc. that speak to Migraineurs in some way or another.

Waiting for insomnia (often a side effect of Migraine) to pass is like waiting for the headache to kick in, waiting for it to get out, or waiting for it to just remain stagnant for a bit so that you know if you'll be able to move again or not.

Here's an awesome one my friend L. sent me. You can download the song at http://www.3hive.com/2006/01/electric_president.php.

"Insomnia" by Electric President

There's a lightbulb dangling from string
It's slowly swaying over my head now
As I jot down the words that will never be solved
And wait for my headache to numb

And the wind sounds as if the world's sighing
And the moon's just a torn fingernail
As the TV flickers and hums by the wall
And I wait for my eyesight to fade

So, so, so, it's so damn slow
So, so, so, it's so damn slow

Not pride, I choke on ambition
And the old folks circle their graves
And the young ones are busy destroying their heirs (?)
And the heirs are still just wasting away (?)

I sit and watch this screen for a message
Some kind of sign that says we're okay
But the screen stays blank till I turn the thing on
And wait for my conscience to break

So, so, so, it's so damn slow
So, so, so, it's so damn slow

I hope you are learning to listen
And I hope you are learning to stay
And I hope you find what you are missing
And I hope they’re making your way

And I'm a headcase if I don't keep moving
And my head hurts if I don't sit still
It's an itch that I never stop scratching
It's a hole that I’ll never quite fill


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