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10 December 2007

It's a Carnival!

Listen up, everyone! Diana Lee from SomebodyHealMe invited me and several other Migraine bloggers to participate in a blog carnival. Unfamiliar with this concept until her initial email, I was happy to be a part of it despite my omnipresent tendency to procrastinate.

The following is something she wrote to let readers know a little about the blog carnival. I see no reason to make any amendments, so I shall post it in its entirety here.Follow the link ("Surviving the Holidays....") to read several bloggers' words about keeping up good health over the hectic holiday season.

Thanks, Diana!

Surviving the Holidays: Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival

The holiday season can be a fun time of year filled with high expectations, special events, family and friends and lots of great food. But it is also a minefield for headache and migraine sufferers. The first edition of the Headache & Migraine Disease Carnival is filled with commiseration and ideas to help you cope.

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