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31 August 2007

a month of headaches


Every day marked by at least a little pain; every few days (at the least) marked by a throbbing Migraine headache. The hot weather, the impending afternoon rains, the menstrual cycle that comes around like clockwork. I think the TMJ is rearing its ugly head again as well--perhaps this is a side effect and a cause of the increased anxiety surrounding the ever-increasing headaches.

My Migraine headaches have been worse this month than they have in YEARS. I have become a hermit again but am determined not to get me down. GRRRRR...

1 comment:

Diana said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've been suffering so much. My migraines have been significantly worse in August, too. For me, the heat and humidity are fairly clearly the culprits. It's still frustrating, but at least I know fall is on the way.

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