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12 August 2007

2 days in a row with no headache? Can it be?

As I may've mentioned in my last post (I'm too lazy to look back...), I have been suffering from the longest stint of Migraine-infused days in my recent history. This streak beats even my worst menstrual Migraines--I've been repeatedly put out of commission for days on end as the temperatures in my town soar and hover right around the 100 degree mark.

Friday night I worked for a couple of hours while suffering from a pretty bad headache. I had taken Relpax and Naproxen around 9:30, but by 11:20, I felt no relief, just the ever-throbbing pain getting worse. Being around people and music and noise and chatter wasn't helping, so as soon as my duties were done at 11:30, I split, taking up my beau's offer for him to close up shop for me. (All that was left to do was count up some money and pay myself and the band I was working the door for.) In any case, I was home in bed by midnight, utterly awake but unable to do anything but lie still.

Saturday, no pain to speak of.
Sunday, same scenario.

I feel as if a great weight has been lifted. I timidly step into this painless territory after nine or ten days of not being able to have a normal life, and I'm even more nervous than usual that I carry a teensy, ticking time bomb, that my pain-free hours are short-lived and that I'd better live it up before I get another Migraine headache.

That's all. Hope everyone is feeling good!!

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