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06 July 2010

aspartame fears strike again

This article strikes me as a little alarmist, and I can't seem to completely trust the content on the Huffington Post. That being said, I'm sure that much of what Mercano has to say is well-founded.

Here's the link to an article about the evils of aspartame!

As I've mentioned before, just one piece of chewing gum sweetened with aspartame can knock me out with a migraine for a day or two. Splenda and sucralose do the same thing; luckily I eat pretty well and rarely ingest these chemicals accidentally.

Still, the questions this article raises brings up an undeniable truth: we must be careful of what we put into our bodies! Yes, many "natural" chemicals can hurt us. And the lab-created foods and sweeteners aren't evaluated in longevity studies, meaning there's no way to really know what the buildup of unnatural chemicals may do to our systems over our lifetimes. Be healthy & cautious, friends!


Anonymous said...

Hi MigraineGirl,
I'm responding to the most recent entry I could find on your blog, and I'm wondering if you're still taking Petadolex? If so, has it been helping you with migraine frequency and intensity? Four months ago I went through a long, unpleasant withdrawal from Topomax (an anti-migraine/anti-seizure med that was really doing bad things to me mentally), and at that time started taking MigraSolve Petadolex. It actually seems to be helping. But I'm wondering how long I can expect it to be helpful? I'd be interested in hearing about your long-term experience with Petadolex, if any. Hope you're well!

Teri said...

It's my pleasure to pass along to you the Versatile Blogger Award. You can get the details and the image to display on your blog at http://www.puttingourheadstogether.com/2010/07/migraine-versatile-blogger-award.html.


Alicia said...

I found a survey for women who get migraines when they get their period. You can check it out at www.menstrualmigrainestudies.info

Hilary Russell said...

Hi. I too suffer from Migraines and chronic pain. And I write a blog about them ! Mine is called "The Everyday Headache."
I have tried everything for the past 17 years. In September I am going to Germany to seek treatment from a doctor who claims a 95 % success rate in curing migraines by using lidocaine injections. I've checked him out over a period of about eight months, and I don't have any other options, so I am going. I am going to blog about the treatment, so you may be interested in following my blog !

themigrainegirl said...

Dear Anonymous: I don't take Petadolex anymore, as I have a new regimen of other vitamins and supplements that's helping me a lot. Petadolex never worked for me as an acute treatment (taking 3-4 pills to stop a migraine attack), but it seemed to help a bit as a daily preventive measure. It's always so hard to say since there are so many life factors that could've affected my health, too. I hope it continues to work for you--keep me posted.

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