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06 December 2008

attempt at ponytail: fail

I put in a tiny little ponytail this afternoon--it's the first time I could put most of my short hair up and have it stay. I figured I could wear it for a couple hours before it started hurting my scalp.

Scratch that plan: it's been twenty minutes and I'm taking the thing down. Boo!

Little annoyances like this of course don't matter in the grand (or not-so-grand) scheme of life, but they really bug me. I can't even wear a ponytail if I want to! I can't sit in a friend's house if a scented candle is lit! I can't wander into a bar where smoking is allowed even if I love the band that's playing! Wah, wah, wah.


Mary Carol said...

I'm already wondering about when I perform in Feb. I'm thinking I may try pinning up my hair, not ponying it. I'm only in one scene, so that should make it easier to stay secure.

I've hardly worn earrings at all, hope the holes don't close up completely. But the pull of even lightweight earrings irritates and sometimes causes a headache to start.

Jasmine said...

I can absolutely relate. I have long hair, but the only way I can tolerate a ponytail is if it's sitting at the nape of my neck. Anything higher and I'm in pain.

Christy said...

When I had long hair I couldn't even tolerate a loose braid if I was suffering a migraine. My short haircut is good for my head, but now the back of my neck is cold all winter and prone to sunburn the rest of the time.

jennifer said...

Hey there - I am headache-free now when I wear a pony - I take Inderal 60 mg daily for prevention and no more headaches with ponytails - I am in the hospital for school and work for long hours and I used to be able to predict when my headache would hit based on how long my hair was up... now it is not a problem.. I have searched for many years for help ...

Beth Bates said...

Ha! You had my at "the migraine girl," but this post sealed the deal. I heart you. (In an appropriate way.) :)
You crack me up.

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