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14 November 2008

great, overarching NY Times article on Migraine

I just searched The New York Times website for any articles related to migraine. Here's what I found: a very well-written, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow article on the disease. This could be a good resource to give to coworkers or friends who are curious to know more about Migraine but might not want to read an entire book.

And speaking of books: my copy of The Migraine Brain arrived today. I think I'll start it now. Also of note? I ordered the much-talked-about Sinus Buster Migraine Headache Nasal Spray. I want to try it now and see if it's as hard to inhale as it sounds--I mean, there's a lot of PEPPER in there going up your nostrils! I'll wait 'til I have a Migraine attack, though. I'll keep you posted with feedback.



Anonymous said...

There is another product called Sinol Nasal Spray that you can buy at Rite Aid that works for headaches. My doctor recommended this product and it is has worked wonders for me.

Cathy Moore

Megan Oltman said...

YOu are brave, oh Migraine Girl! good luck with the pepper spray. And thanks for the tip on the article.

Geri said...

If you're interested the transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is in the works and looks extremely promising for migraine suffers http://www.newrinkles.com/index.php/archive/zap-away-migraines/

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