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05 October 2008

James's tips: be a critical consumer when it comes to Migraine news!

I think you should read these tips from Headache & Migraine News on how to effectively evaluate migraine-related news articles you come across. A succinct, smart, and straightforward guide for anyone, not just migraineurs. Thanks, James!


Mary Carol said...

I found the tips from James quite insightful. Though I know already to be discerning about what I read, hear, sense, James's comments serve to remind me to remain skeptical while even as my "inquiring mind wanting to know" meanders through the plethora of information available out there.

James said...

Glad you found it helpful! :)

Angie said...

Oh my god. I have been sitting here close to tears (but alas, that would aggravate those pesky, fragile set of blood vessels on the left side of my head) for nearly two hours reading your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have narrated my last ten years. And, I just had to correct about four misspellings (is that how you spell misspellings, is misspellings even a word?). These migraines are killing my cognitive abilities and I am in a doctoral program that highly depends upon my intellect. So frustrating! I'm not even on preventatives, so it must be either the abortives or the migraines themselves that are doing this to me. Anyway, I know that this is long-winded, but I wanted to say thanks. I needed to know that I was not alone.

themigrainegirl said...

Angie, I don't know how to contact you other than through this post--hope you get it!

Thanks so much for your message. I'm so pleased that we can connect, however virtually. I remember when I first found some blogs that echoed some of my sentiments--I, too, got teary and overwhelmed discovering there were others who felt the same way I did. Whew.

Send me an email some time if you wish. I'd love to discuss the migraines-influencing-stupidity issue. (And I just spelled "influencing" wrong at first!!)

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