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07 October 2008

how TMJ dysfunction can ruin a cheesy couple shot

Here's a photo I took of me with the beau this afternoon. (Thank you, iMac webcam. I love you and your lack of judgment when I take fifty thousand self-portraits.) I started to make a silly face when my jaw popped loudly (and painfully). The camera took our photo RIGHT as I was reacting to the TMJ pain.

Candid TMJ dysfunction photo op! This doesn't happen every day, eh?

(Photo is a bit garbled because I was trying to use a special feature.)


themigrainegirl said...

Dear Self,

This is hilarious and sad.

Megan Oltman said...

Ouch but funny - Scrambling of photo seems appropriate to the pain of the TMJ popping - like the whole world fragmented at that moment. Beau looks like nice guy!

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