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09 June 2008

I'm watching W the Women Show right now. A few days ago I mentioned their special on Women & Migraine before having watched it. I'm about halfway through right now and have mixed feelings about it.

A few minutes ago, Suzanne Simons (NHF Director) mentioned how oral contraceptives can help some migraineurs, while they worsen the condition for others. I was surprised she didn't mention the risk that accompanies birth control pills for female migraineurs (especially ones with aura). See a brief description of the risk here under the "risks" section.

Thus far they've heralded the advances of pharmaceuticals without noting that thousands upon thousands of people can't get relief from preventive or acute drugs. They mentioned the existence of "other therapies" but haven't gone into descriptions of those methods.

The pluses outweigh the minuses, of course. I think the episode is pretty good. Of course I'm most interested in the emotional, social, and psychological effects of Migraine disease, and they've touched on that but haven't gone into as much detail as I would've liked.

It's definitely worth a watch, though. I suppose it's good that I'm educated enough to know which parts of the disease they're not covering adequately, eh? It's hard to recap lifetimes of pain and frustration and education into a thirty minute show, eh?

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angelrose417 said...

Still battling my daily headache...on Day # 195 of the current episode. 26 pills a day. UGH. I sent in my appeal to my disability company (lucky to have a lawyer sister!)....so waiting on that... other than that...stuck at home b/c I can't drive (vision impairment) and trying to finish college in the meantime. Would like to figure out a way to work from home but no luck as of yet. Just had a sleep study and undergoing some dental procedures in hope of help for now. Spinal tap and tilt table test to come... more Cardiologists and Neurologists as well. It's exhausting, as I am sure you know... My family and friends just don't know how to deal with it and drive me crazy with questions and such! It is comforting to know there are more of us out there :) ... :(

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