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24 June 2008

another potential trigger?

Does anyone else here get bothered by ceiling fan lights? Overhead lights are annoying to me when I'm feeling good--when I have a headache, they are intolerable. But now that it's summer my ceiling fans are going at full-speed and the flickering shadows they cast on the ceiling and walls while the overhead light is on mimics the flickering of a dying fluorescent tube light. Does anyone else feel bothered by this flickering light?


Glenn Stewart Coles said...

Yes, any flickering light can be a trigger for headaches. I think they initiate a neural response which is why strobe lights can initiate a seizure in some people.
However, triggers do not cause headaches, they simply initiate them. From that point all migraine sufferers involuntarily move into a habitual response pattern that encourages the headache to build. I had migraines for twenty-two years and now I don't. It is possible to retrain yourself to not have headaches. Check out my blog at www.headache-mgmt.com

Anonymous said...

YES! I never use the ceiling fans at my house, but my parents turn them on. I have to turn them off whenever I go over there because they drive me crazy, even if the light isn't on. It's just the movement of the fan blade that kills me.

Kroshka said...

yes, indeed. Any flickering light has nice effect of a migraine or bad effect of dizziness and feeling like I'm going to lose my lunch.

Flickering lights are quite annoying.

Ellen Schnakenberg said...

Here's one more vote for "yes".

My hubby could never survive without fans. I'm stuck.

Not only does the flickering set me off, but they really aggravate the allodynia that seems now to be ever-present.

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