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05 March 2008

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy speaks out at last!

I'm pretty thrilled about The New York Times migraine blog, as you probably will have noticed by now. From the first day I spotted it, I noticed that Jeff Tweedy (Wilco, Loose Fur), one of my favorite musicians, was to be a contributor. Day after day, I checked the site and saw nothing from him. Imagine my delight when tonight I checked the site again and he had written a really honest, beautiful post about living with Migraine, panic attacks, depression, and an unceasing love of music.

Here's the comment I made:
As a HUGE Wilco fan who never knew you had migraines until this website launched in February, I've been waiting with baited breath for your post. I have been reading every writer's post and think that yours is my favorite thus far in terms of how well I can relate.

By the way, beginning just weeks after buying A Ghost is Born, I started fast-forwarding the end of "Less Than You Think." Once I told a friend it reminded me of having a headache approach. Little did I know that was the inspiration. You achieved the goal!

Thanks again for writing. I hope you have some more to say about it later, in this forum or another.


Becca said...

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Megan Oltman said...

Thanks for the heads-up; I'll head on over! Love Jeff Tweedy too.

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