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22 March 2008

please insure me!

I sucked it up and spent the last couple of hours learning about insurance plans (again), reviewing optional plans (again), looking up insurance-related vocabulary (again), and filling out details about my health (again) in the hopes that an insurance company will let me be a part of their money-grubbing workings and not reject me (again).

Thank goodness for ehealthinsurance.com--I like being able to see all my options laid out at once. There's also a "chat live" icon you can click--a chat window opens up and you can ask the folks whatever questions you might have. There's a longer wait time for this feature on Saturdays, but hey--they're around on SATURDAYS!

I'm trying not to already feel hopeless about this, but man! It sure did take me a long time to fill out all the forms the last several times I tried to get insurance, and everyone rejected me. Perhaps cutting down the number of prescription drugs I'm on should help.

Anyone have a particularly good plan that helps a lot with your migraine care?

Have a nice afternoon/evening, depending on where you live!

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