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23 January 2008

facebook group!

Hi guys,

For those of you out there who don't go looking at all the comments on this here blog, you may not know that there's a facebook group page for the Migraine Research Foundation. Heck, you may not know that the Migraine Research Foundation exists in the first place!

The people in the group have been reading my blog. Maybe I should:

1. Write more, and
2. Go ahead and out myself.

But first I have to call my neurologist. He was supposed to call in a prescription refill for Zonegran yesterday and didn't, so I ended up with some loaner pills from the pharmacist. How kind.

Why am I asking for more Zonegran after all these months of saying I'm going off of it? Well, I have to keep taking it and then slowly wean myself off. As soon as I hit the "publish post" button, I'm calling my neurologist and leaving a message describing why I want to stop the drug, how long I've been on it (though you'd think they could look at the chart and see...?), and how much. That way they can help advise me as to the best way to slowly stop taking it. Yippee!

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