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12 April 2010

perfect timing

I've mentioned before how grateful I am to have discovered the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (http://www.pparx.org/en/prescription_assistance_programs). I enrolled quite a while ago--with my doctor's prescription (and a low enough salary to make me a deserving candidate), I now pay less for drugs than I did when I had insurance. And when I say "I pay less," what I mean is I PAY NOTHING.

Yesterday and today I've had morning migraine attacks followed by druggy, semi-wasted afternoons. I love the quickness of Maxalt but not the ghost of a Janet it leaves behind. I've been working like a madwoman of late, so maybe this is a good chance to catch up on reading. (Today I finished three books!)

But taking Maxalt yesterday and today meant I was already halfway through with the samples my doctor gave me a few weeks ago. What to do if another migraine hit in the next week? Did PPARx ever get my application? Would I be approved for more prescription drugs through their service?

I checked the mail and voila: 5 packs of Imitrex just waiting for me. All it took was filling out the application, proving I am not rich, and getting my doctor to check me out and write a new prescription for triptans.

How my mind is eased when I know I have drugs if I need them. Sometimes just having them on hand makes me feel a million times better.


E.D.T.H. said...

dear migraine girl,

i just found your blog tonite while doing some online searching about migraines. i am 31, female and have suffered from migraines since i was about the same age as you were (12 or 13 but maybe even younger).

i don't really know what to say because i want to say so much and this is only a little comment section.

i don't know how to stop them. i try so much to be good in my life and happy but there is no stopping them. they kill me. i spend entire days throwing up bile because i can't eat or drink anything and if i move even a fraction i immediately throw up. i have no insurance and only take excedrin migraine - once the migraine has subsided enough to keep it down. for 2/3rds of my life on a regular basis i have spent in bed, in horrific pain and vomiting and no way to cure myself. i don't drink alcohol, i am very healthy in my diet and try to keep my stress down. it doesn't matter. i never really know what i have done to cause them. it can be anything it seems. and the sick part is i wake up with them. i have no chance to fight them. the instant i wake, it comes on.

i also suffer from really strong piercing pain that comes on so randomly and suddenly in one spot on top of my head. i can be completely happy and having a conversation and then it stabs me in the head and i can't see or even hear it's so bad. but then it goes away for a few seconds and returns at least 3 or 4 times and then doesn't happen again for up to several years. it used to happen all the time in high school.

i am sorry for my long comment. i am only in my 30's finding people who know what i have been through. i have suffered a long time with no help and no one to really know what it feels like.

thanks for your blog, and i hope your migraines are better these days.


Myth said...

If I was not covered through work and my spouse covered through his, I'm not sure how I would afford abortives and preventatives... conidering both are absurdly expensive and I go through triptans the max per week. If I worked a job with litte or no coverage ironically I would not be able to work at all, which frankly sounds like a damn good idea sometimes.

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