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02 February 2009

I can't get motivated!

At 2:19 a.m., I turned in my most recent work assignment. While working on it this past weekend, I thought about all the errands I could run, all the little chores I could do--if only I didn't have an editing assignment looming overhead.

Well, now I'm free as a bird and have only done a couple of meaningful things today:
1) went for a long walk
2) took a shower

Oh, yeah--I almost forgot! I made lunch and dinner. Impressive.

So am I having a lazy day I'm entitled to, or am I a no-excuse sloth who could be doing Real Things but is instead writing a blog post using her iPod because the computer is too far (read: 5 feet) away?



Tallis said...

i have had days like that :) totally can relate

themigrainegirl said...

A year later, and the same thing is happening to me. A February phenomenon? Perhaps! I mentioned it to a couple friends in the health field and they said, "It's winter." Simple as that. Things should look up now that the days are getting longer.

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