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24 September 2008

"narm!" (arm numb...narm!)

For those of you who are Six Feet Under fans, there's a slim chance you know what I'm quoting in today's post title. If you're confused, worry not: I shall not enlighten you. I will tell you to watch Six Feet Under, however. I've watched the entire series twice over. I love it.

But back to business: my left arm has been a state of discomfort for a few days now, and my hand has hurt off and on. I suspect a pinched nerve. Yeow! You know when you awaken after sleeping on your side and your arm feels out of whack and slightly numb in spots, slightly painful in others? That's how my arm has been feeling for DAYS. My sneaking suspicion is that my usually funky back has done something shady to the nerves that run down my arm. I'm going to give it a little more time before saying uncle and spending the dough on a doctor. It's crazy how large a portion of my ever-dwindling money pile goes to health costs.

Sometimes I wonder if I'd be more apt to see a doctor if I had insurance. My immediate response is "YES," as I now feel I would not take health coverage for granted as I did for the first 26 years of my life. I can't imagine being able to see a doctor and not having to pay an arm and a leg--the thought has become hard to wrap my mind around. When I did have insurance, I didn't like going to the doctor, though. I postponed visits and didn't have a tendency to make appointments to investigate such things as numb arms. Maybe now that I've grown older and wiser I'd change my habits. Maybe the subject is null and void since I don't have insurance and won't have it for awhile.

Poop da loop. Off to a productive day!

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Eileen said...

LOL! Well, I mean it's not funny, but I LOVE - LOVE!! Six Feet Under....one of the best, if not the best shows and series finalies I've ever seen!!!

I hope your narm feels better really soon!!

I have a problem with my arm when I sleep with it over my head....I wake up and it's all sore and hurting.

Feel Better!!

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