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08 May 2007

have meds, can travel

I'm about to embark on a relatively lengthy trip. It's certainly going to be a taxing one, but one full of fun and surprises and friends and tourism, tourism, tourism. Can't escape that when one goes to Europe.

But I'm nervous. I'm nervous about getting a Migraine when I'm traveling. In the past, my pattern has been that I get a Migraine the day of travel, especially during long car trips or plane rides. This pattern's been broken up a bit in recent years, perhaps because of Zonegran--perhaps not. I can't be sure. Once I'm in a new country, however, I tend to do pretty well for awhile. A few years ago, I lived in Costa Rica for 6 weeks and had one significant Migraine the entire time I was there. The lifestyle, the lack of "regular life" stress, the diet, the routine--all of these things probably contributed to my overall well-being.

I'm hoping this good fortune comes back for the next three weeks of my life as I venture to some European countries. I'll be armed with Relpax and Naproxen, of course, but we know I can't take those more than a couple days in a row due to the ever-looming MOH (medication overuse headache).

Fingers crossed.

Bon voyage (to me!)

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