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01 April 2007

twitch twitch twitcheroo

My left eyelid has been twitching for three days straight.

It's really quite obnoxious. I keep thinking it's linked to some sort of stress I have, some underlying thing I should be worried about.

But I don't know that there's any HUGE thing I need to be worried about.
Perhaps the fact that I'm concerned, however distantly and vaguely, about being concerned about stress I may not even have, is a concern in itself.





Why won't it go away?!

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antiquityhill said...


I'm enjoying perusing your blog!

I too suffer from that twitch- twitch- twitching. My left eye twitched non-stop for nearly 3 years. Also my Right thumb. In my case it was due to hypERthyroidism and the resultant vitamin B deficiencies etc. which also trigger my migraine attacks. I also have dystonia which, however doubtfully, could have had a hand in it. This blog was written a year ago, so I hope you found some relief. If not, you might give a good B-complex vitamin a shot, and maybe get your thyroid checked. Just a thought...

Good to see you at WEGO Health!

Ellen Schnakenberg
Migraine and Headache
WEGO Health www.wegohealth.com

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